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Patti McCarthy

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Published July 18th - Cultural Chemistry, the book!

Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps 

is an easy to read, but highly informative book, full of real life stories and practical strategies to help you become a more effective cross cultural communicator.


Paperback or PDF versions are available, simply click the 'Buy Now' or 'Buy Online' buttons to go to our secure order form. For phone orders (Australia only) please call 1300 86 26 63.

Paperback versions are also available from www.amazon.com, www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com.au 

A Kindle version is also available but PLEASE NOTE that because the book contains illustrations, it is not suitable for reading on a Kindle Paperwhite - sorry (but blame Amazon). Buy instead from Kobo Books and itunes 


Let me support your expatriate talent

Have you ever wondered why 40% of expatriate assignments fail? And why the divorce rate amongst expats is 50% higher than average?

Can you imagine how hard it is to start a new job, move house, move to a new country, leave all your friends and family behind and perhaps have to start working in a language not your own – all at the same time? Doing even one of those things can be hard; doing all of them at the same time is, frankly, exhausting.

Successful expatriate assignees need three things;

Training in the social and business culture of their new country
Coaching to align their own cultural values with those of the new country
Support for themselves and any family members in making the new country their new home

Cultural Chemistry provides all of these and without them, we know that an expatriate – incoming, outgoing or repatriating -  is far less likely to be able to fulfil his or her potential and the assignment is more likely to terminate early or fail to achieve its objectives. See more at Expat Coaching.

Assessing & Developing Cultural Intelligence

Almost everyone is now working with 'someone from somewhere else', but not everyone is comfortable with that and not everyone is competent. Being open and friendly is not enough; relationships with clients, colleagues and employees can still often be hindered by a lack of awareness about other people’s cultural preferences.

Improving the cultural intelligence (CQ) of your people – whether expatriates or not - equips them to work more effectively with people from other cultures and to have cross-cultural encounters which are more enjoyable and more rewarding. That’s good for them and good for business. 

As part of developing CQ skills, Patti McCarthy of Cultural Chemistry can deliver a CQ Assessment, devised by The Cultural Intelligence Centre, to measure the CQ of your candidate, employee, team or organisation, based on their performance across four capabilities. See more at Consulting 

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