With 1 in 3 international moves failing, why don't more people

 get the support of an expatriate coach?

Expatriate Coaching & Training

Currently 1:3 expatriate assignments fails or terminates early and the typical length of time a re-pat stays with his or her former employee is only nine months.  These figures represent a significant loss of ROI on both financial and personal levels.

The two main reasons given are failure to understand and fit in with the local culture and the inability to make the new location feel like home. Both of these issues can be addressed by a structured expatriate coaching service such as that provided by Cultural Chemistry, which addresses;

•    The values and foundations of the destination country

•    The 'rules of the game' of the local business culture

•    An understanding of the role of cultural intelligence

•    The challenges involved in making your new location your 'home'

•    Support for the accompanying partner & family

•    Establishing realistic expectations around difficulty and timing

Re-locating involves a steep learning curve on an often rocky road and in order for the move to succeed, it has to deliver both a professional development opportunity and the chance for everyone in the family to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  Expectations have to be carefully managed and successful expats will start their posting with their eyes open and the full support of their employer.

Individuals who have participated in Cultural Chemistry's expatriate coaching sessions say that it gave them more confidence, allowed them to fast track the fitting-in process, assisted partners with securing employment, helped them to make friends more easily and enabled them to build strong client relationships more quickly.

Because I am a life coach and not just a cross cultural coach, I am able to offer a unique combination of skills.  I don't just advise 'how it's done round here', but why it's done that way, how it will affect you/ your employee, some potential 'hot spots' to look out for (depending on where the person comes from) and some strategies for coping with it all.

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