Provide your expatriates with the skills they need to succeed

Expat life is not all cocktails by the pool

For many people, simply moving house or changing jobs is extremely stressful - doing both of these things AND moving to a new country, leaving family and friends behind and perhaps having to work in a second language too, can be completely overwhelming.  

Many expats are simply not prepared for the immense challenges and the emotional rollercoaster that expat life often is, but providing help in these four key areas can make a significant difference to the outcome of their assignment;

ONE:     Set realistic expectations

TWO:     Ensure they understand the social and business cultural values of their new country

THREE: Help them to recognise their own cultural values and biases

FOUR:   Provide personalised support with their transition 

Support when, where and how your talent needs it

Re-locating involves a steep learning curve on an often rocky road and in order for the move to succeed, it has to deliver both a professional development opportunity and the chance for everyone in the family to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  Expectations have to be carefully managed and successful expats will start their posting with their eyes fully open and the unconditional support of their employer.

Expatriates who have worked with Cultural Chemistry say that it gave them more confidence, allowed them to fast track the fitting-in process, assisted partners with securing employment, helped them to make friends more easily and enabled them to build strong client relationships more quickly.

No two moves are the same and while some issues are more frequent than others, everyone who puts their life in a box and heads into the unknown deserves a bespoke support program, which caters to their needs and is delivered how and when it helps them the most.

Please call me to find out more about how I can best support your expatriate talent, whether they are out-going, in-coming or coming 'home'.

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