The training session on cultural intelligence gave me an in-depth understanding of what it is and helped me understand how it impacts our business. Patti is open-minded, approachable and offers a realm of relevant information. Her training course is honestly the most engaging course I have ever been part of.  Thank you for giving us the tools with which to communicate respectfully and efficiently with our international customers and colleagues.
Vayra Stefan, Aesop

After having had the cultural training from Patti I was suddenly able to match all different experiences I had the last 6 months being in Australia.  I really wish I had this training at the beginning of my contract. The country looked the same, the people looked the same, the facilities looked the same but nothing was actually the same and all automatic reflexes and habits were tested to the ultimate. Patti made a lot of circumstances in daily life really visible and clear, explained with concrete examples and therefore 'place-able' and understandable for me.  Although it was called training it slowly turned into a coaching session which brought me a lot of positive energy, coming from a 'really wise' person with a clear view on life herself.  Her corporate attitude not only makes it a pleasant and worthy counterpart, but she therefore also makes a clear difference between corporate culture and country culture, which gave me some clear tools in what to get out of this in my business encounters and daily Aussie contacts...I would recommend this training to anyone coming into the country when starting a new job or being part of the family of any expat.
Michel van Maanen (Dutch), Director Performance, Transdev Australia 

Feedback from seminar on building better business with cultural intelligence; "What a great presentation and what an engaging speaker!"
Executive, SMS Consulting

I really enjoyed the training and it has given me a better understanding about other cultures and my interaction with them.
Even thought I've been in this country for 10 years, I think for the first time I truly understood that there are social differences that could compromise my life experience as an expat.
Sylvie, French expat moving from Melbourne to India

Patti was able to explain reasons why I felt the way I did about my repatriation, make me feel like I wasn’t alone in how I was feeling, and provide valuable strategies and advice to help me feel more “normal” and accept what I was going through emotionally and mentally.  She put closure around my time away, and addressed my areas of concern in relation to work, family, friends, goal setting, and planning for the future, so I got the “full picture”. 
It was like I have been standing in front of a huge brick wall trying to figure out a way to get through, and Patti showed me a couple of windows and doors to use that I wasn’t able to see before, to get past the wall and continue on my journey.  If I had of seen her within the first 6 weeks of returning, I would have been prepared for what I might go through in the process of repatriating back home, and wouldn’t have struggled so much and wasted so much time...I would recommend this to anyone returning home after being away for 12 months or longer, for peace of mind and to assist with a smoother transition and to more comfortably settle down to a different life.
Milly, repat to Australia from India

"Patti has provided great value to our new starters from around the globe. She has been able to work with individuals and groups to make their transition to Australia a more informed and comfortable experience.”
Carly Spence, HR Manager, Ernst & Young

I have known Patti since arriving in Australia 4 years ago. Initially she helped me and the family settle into Melbourne life, but more recently she has been extremely valuable as a business psychologist, using her NLP experience to get to the source of issues and questions. I would recommend Patti unreservedly. 
Rupert Elvins, UK Expat

Patti is a wise and fine person. As a new employment seeking resident in Australia, and not wishing to leave any stone unturned in my search for a position, I sought Patti out with the very clear idea in mind that all I needed was support in gaining leads, names and introductions. Patti was a healthy reminder of the value in speaking with someone from a very different, out of the box, professional background and experience. Having been encouraged to do a little redrafting of my self promotional materials, knock a few edges off and take stock of some local cultural idiosyncrasies, I earned some particularly valuable introductions into the Melbourne business network, with one or two doors being opened cascading into a pyramid of opportunities. Thanks Patti.    
David Wilkinson, UK Expat

The repatriation coaching provided was a very valuable experience and served to confirm the degree of change in the Australian social and business environment that we expected had occurred after being away in Japan for 14 years. Even though we had returned to Australia for vacation every year, through the coaching we realized that there were many ideals and cultural nuances that we had failed to appreciate. Having Patti talk us through the typical experiences that expatriates and repatriates encounter during their settling in period gave us a great perspective that eased our reintegration process.
Partner, EY 

Upon meeting Patti, I was impressed with her depth of knowledge relating to relocation issues and the challenges faced by those who have immigrated to Australia and I believe her services are essential to those companies bringing in emplyees from other countries.  Being an immigrant myself, I was particularly interested in her coping strategies and practical tips on how to create a life for yourself in Australia. After meeting Patti on numerous occasions to discuss my own issues, I decided that I had to introduce her to the Sabona Business Networking Group so that she could share her experiences with other individuals who like me have relocated from South Africa. Patti fitted right in and was very quickly asked to present at one of our events and all members agreed that Patti’s practical rapport building tips were very useful. Indeed, one or two members mentioned that they wish they had access to some of these strategies when they first relocated to Australia. 
Craig Sanderson, South African expat,Psyched for Work
“Patti plaid (sic) a highly valuable role to integrate my family and myself, as expatriates, to Australia. Being proficient in French, charismatic and empathic, she made the whole family very comfortable since the first day allowing us to learn very rapidly all the practical ways to get acquainted to the Australia life style and its dos and don'ts. Very organized with a strong networking, Patti got us all well set up, with house, ESL tutors, local associations, etc. Very reliable, honest, efficient and professional, Patti can only be recommended for all types of consultancy or coaching services.” October 12, 2009
Dominique Andrey, Swiss expat, Philip Morris

Patti worked for us as a Senior Consultant. She has worked with high level executives and their families during a stressful time, handling confidential information. Her service level is high and her ability to understand our clients' needs is outstanding. Patti is excellent at networking with people and has a strong empathy which she uses well in her work. Patti's experience as a relocation consultant, combined with her life coaching skills, enables her to now deliver a very valuable expatriate coaching support program.”
Theresa Le Duc, Relocation Specialists

From north to south, and east to west, Patti has a deep understanding of cultures. We have been working with Patti for 18 months now and what sets her apart is the empathy she shows to each person.  She really listens to what they need and adjusts her coaching accordingly – personal service every time. Patti not only supports our clients and expats arriving in Australia but can also prepare people for life outside of Australia. We have found her to be an excellent resource of knowledge and expertise for both individual and group training sessions. I highly recommend Patti’s service, and feel free to contact me direct to discuss this further."
Robyn Vogels, Personnel Relocations

The last six months has been an incredible time for change in my life...I have spent several years fighting severe depression and anxiety.  At times life has seemed all but lost.
I have had counseling from psychologists, psychiatrists and general practitioners combined with medication.
Life coaching has had the most significant impact on my life by shifting my focus from the past to the future.  I had spent way too much time in analysis of the past and the darkness that ensued.
I am the happiest I have been in years and have felt empowered to remove the obstacles that have held me back.
Your coaching has given me tools to  shift my focus away from negativity and towards positive outcomes both personally and professionally .
'John', Sales Manager

Patti is very professional and her knowledge, skills & techniques helped me to uncover my solution.  Patti used a fascinating hypnotic induction technique & I now have a clear direction in my venture for business & passion.
Jeff Robinson, Personal Trainer

I sought Patti's assistance when I was stuggling to deal with my business/career direction and with raising 2 beautiful daughters. Patti helped me so much with clarifying exactly what choices I should be making and gave me the confidence to see a clearer pathway forward. It was a life changing experience as I absolutely made changes during and after my experience with her. I would have no hesitation calling on Patti again and would highly recommend her as a career consultant. Patti had wonderful insight into my situation and could see things I couldn’t.” 
Daina,  Financial Services provider

“Patti helped me tremendously with my public speaking engagements. Patti’s skill’s as a coach goes beyond personal development; her corporate and expat background adds another dimension to her skills. Just a few sessions developing my public speaking skills gave me the confidence to stand up in front of an audience; as well as giving me practical, hands on guidance on my presentation. I can now more confidently make a presentation with the skills and tools she’s given me”.
Yvonne, IT & Marketing Consultant

Patti immediately impressed me as a confident and capable coach who is able to ask the tough questions that break through an individual's barriers and help them address the real issues they are facing. She has collected a great deal of wisdom and insight after living and working in a variety of countries and roles and is excellent at maintaining focus and direction in her business life. Work with Patti if you are ready to take your next leap of faith.”
Sue Ellson, Founder, Newcomers Network

Patti and I came into contact through our professional networks, and it is quite amazing to see how quickly she seems to connect with a wide range of diverse people and find common, and interesting ground. Patti came to provide a workshop for some of our clients last week around 'taking back the reins'…in order to improve work/life balance… Patti offered us a wealth of experience and all in attendance, predominantly busy executives, thoroughly enjoyed taking the time out of their hectic schedule to focus on personal goals and strategy. The feedback was excellent from all of our clients.”
Erin Devlin, Devlin Alliance

I am originally from Europe and when I first met Patti at a relocation coffee morning I had recently been relocated with my family from Singapore and was a bit struggling to adapt to the new surrounding. When I visited her for the first time, I appreciated the session so much that I got 12 sessions because of the high impact that they would make for me.  Patti has helped me enormously to settle down here in Melbourne and made life so much easier for us all. She did provide help not only in private matters (dealing with kindergarden mothers and being integrated into a community can be difficult) but also with business-related themes. I had a kind of block with public speaking at congresses and she trained with me and helped me to find my confidence again. We still have more (new) lessons ongoing and I think my plan to go back to work will be successful since I have Patti who will support me to comply to all the rules which need to be taken into consideration to find a job in a foreign country. Her work has had a big effect on our family happiness since I am much more relaxed and confident and this benefit applies to my dear husband also as a direct consequence.
Simone, German accompanying spouse